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sabato 25 ottobre 2008


From here we restart.
I'll keep the good things and replace the others.
I believe that I can enhance.

domenica 19 ottobre 2008

Killer who spring's party

What I mustn't do when I'm drunk:
I mustn't talk English, my English suck!
I mustn't use my mobile phone.
I mustn't drink other people's drinks.
I mustn't be drunk.

overall it was a good party.

giovedì 16 ottobre 2008

What did I do?

I was asking it to me when, surfing the net, I found this

What did I do to deserve this?
I've asked myself this many times.
Whether in good times or bad,
I wonder was this all earned.
As a child, I stood in a corner;
no talking or playing allowed.
I did something I was told not to;
for every action there is a consequence.
True friends are few, but not rare.
They are there where I can find them,
they stand by my side at all times.
I care about them,
so they care about me.
Standing on the side of the road,
I stare in disbelief at a flat tire.
If I would have paid attention,
I wouldn't have run over that board.
Hiking through the mountains
I take in the beauty all around.
Work was hard and frustrating,
but now I enjoy some rest.
He makes fun of my clothes,
while she criticizes my ethics.
I've done nothing to offend them
except be my own person.
What did I do to deserve this?
The bad comes from misjudgment
or, maybe, being different.
In some way I deserved the action.
Some things I deserved because I earned them;
sometimes by hard work and struggle
and at other times because of love.
But why do I deserve God's grace?
How do I merit His love?
It can't be anything I've done.
I don't deserve something so great.
Yet God has given me both,
and in such wonderful abundance.
I accept these things with only one question,
what did I do to deserve this?
It's not a reward,
it wasn't anything I've done.
God grants me these things
because it is His will.

domenica 12 ottobre 2008


just wanna say Hi, just write something... even if the most of blog's readers don't read my new entries but they only find some old topics that they interest like "fuori kolle"'s party and some ditloid. I know why, my English suck! Italians don't read an Italian that write in English and English people don't read a bad English topic write by an Italian about his life.
But, I don't care about it... I like write in English even if sometimes it restrict my expressivity. I want to learn English and without practices I can't, but I also know that if nobody tell me my mistakes, write is not so usefull.

sabato 11 ottobre 2008


All we make mistakes and it is right the fraternal correction, but we often prefer don't say nothing, why? 'cause there are two kind of people, those that accept and see their mistakes and those that refuse and don't admit their mistakes, in the first one kind of people there is tow sub-kind of people, those that try to correct their mistakes and those that persevere without care about that. So, only one on four, but I think that if we correct each other we can be better people.

giovedì 9 ottobre 2008


14 October
15 October Sascia & Danilo graduate
18 October Sascia&Danilo's party
25 October CFM starts



Well yes, Scott has 8 puppies, they are lovable!

Good work Scott, you refute that what we said was wrong, and plum job Lola, your puppies are wonderful!


A new Scout's year is begining, even if I always am at Lupetti, there are changes, I'm not so happy, but we will see
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