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sabato 27 settembre 2008


I felt like Wulfgar in The Spine of the World.
I must learn to talk.
But the result would have been the same.
I agree with result, but the speech was truncated without a decision (although it was clear what would have been)
Surely there was misunderstanding, because I would not have tried this thing if I had known that there was no chance of success. I probably misunderstood some people.
Perhaps I forgot their "face"

giovedì 25 settembre 2008

two exams zero chance

self-explaining title
the first I have not even tried to give it.
the second I'm totally without knowledge.

giovedì 18 settembre 2008

The most beautiful girl ever known

02.25 AM
We were returning from Rock Island, when a question arises:
which is the most beautiful girl you've ever known?
I vote for chiara

sabato 6 settembre 2008

call in sick

Yes, it is about one week that I'm sick, initially high fever and weakness than low fever and weak stomach.
Now I'm feeling really better and declare concluded my convalescent.

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008

Google Chrome

Has come! Google Chrome has come!
Fantastic, really incredible, the Google's team did a great work!
Fastest experience that I ever had on a browser!
The UI is more than user-friendly, I love all of it!
The only things that I miss from Firefox are extensions and GoogleToolbar that helped me to translate some difficult words with only one right-click.
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