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giovedì 26 giugno 2008

mercoledì 25 giugno 2008

My first riding

Finally I began driving school!
My first riding went not bad, I'm dripping with sweat under scorching sun, but I did all circuit and the next time I'm going on road.

domenica 22 giugno 2008

False friend

Pay attention to the false friend!
when they say that your parents had conceived you, they don't refer to your "parenti".

sabato 21 giugno 2008


In this period I'm dreaming every night.
Nothing special, only I remember the dream for about the first 30mins than it slowly fade.

mercoledì 18 giugno 2008


exams, work, project,...
I'm really full.
I'm neglecting a lot of things that interest me, like friends, fitness,... I need a week completely empty

lunedì 2 giugno 2008

Here we are!

A lot of time from my last post, but... there is no but, it's plain no interest.
Today I'm here only to say that I'm idiot... too much.
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